The focus of the Outreach program was to help teachers understand what the big ideas in mathematics are, and how they are connected.

Working with teachers in schools was an effective way to support teachers and help them enhance their mathematics programs.

Building on the successful BlueScope/AMSI project, the TIMES project provided an opportunity to take the “cluster of schools” idea and extend it into regions where there was a demonstrated need.

Regions we worked in

  • Gippsland – Victoria
  • Townsville – Queensland
  • Mandurah – West Australia
  • Geelong – Victoria
  • Sunshine Coast – Queensland
  • Plus expansion in the Illawarra region – New South Wales
  • Outreach schools also used the TIMES Modules.

Program structure

A project officer was allocated to work with each of the schools taking part in the program, building a professional relationship with teachers in the school and meeting with them regularly to discuss issues related to the teaching of mathematics in their school, such as:

  • Building an appropriate scope and sequence for the teaching of mathematics
  • Targeting specific mathematical needs of students
  • Sourcing information about the teaching of mathematics

Where possible, AMSI seconded a part-time teacher in each region to provide continuing support and ensure local involvement on top of the visiting support from AMSI.

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