AMSI has partnered with a number of organisations to develop mathematical teacher materials and professional development resources to enhance content and pedagogical understanding.

TIMES Modules

Written for teachers of Foundation to Year 10, the Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) project was funded by the Australian Government. The modules cover all areas of the Australian Curriculum: Number and Algebra; Measurement and Geometry; Statistics and Probability.

SAMS Middle Years

The SAMS Middle Years resources were produced in conjunction with Education Services Australia for teachers and students in Years 5 to 9. The resources are designed to aid Middle Years teachers and students in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. The materials are formed with the Australian Curriculum content descriptors being the starting point.

SAMS Senior Years

The SAMS Senior Years resources has an emphasis is on the content of the Australian Curriculum subject Mathematical Methods with some extra topics from Specialist Mathematics also covered.
The modules are organised through the following topic groupings: Algebra and coordinate geometry, Functions, Calculus, Probability and statistics and the Maths delivers – Videos.

Teacher Resources


Calculate supports teachers with free mathematics materials, classroom resources and online professional learning for teachers from Foundation to Year 12 and is an effective way for teachers to support and enhance their existing maths program.

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CHOOSEMATHS’ aim was to turn around public perception of mathematics and contribute to the health of the mathematics pipeline in Australia from school through university to careers

CHOOSEMATHS aims to turn around community attitude and participation in mathematics, especially for girls and young women.

AMSI’s careers website provides resources for students, teachers and parents to explore career options and plan maths study pathways.

AMSI is delivering maths careers materials to students
and is committed to working towards increasing
Australia’s mathematically capable workforce

Help build Australia’s STEM future