AMSI’s Schools program delivers a range of initiatives that support mathematics education in schools.

Our activity in the schools space includes the development of resources for teachers of mathematics in primary and secondary schools, the provision of professional development, and the dissemination of careers information to promote of the importance of mathematics for career choices. We engage in conversation with students, parents and teachers to encourage students to continue their mathematics studies to senior high school and beyond.

We have worked in collaboration with CSIRO, BlueScope Steel Pty. Ltd., Regional Universities Network (RUN), Boeing, The William Buckland Foundation, the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the Australian Government.

In addition to these tangible activities, AMSI’s Schools program staff have been called upon for their expertise in policy and curriculum development and speaking at national and international conferences. AMSI has made submissions to government in areas regarding teacher training and AMSI staff have been significantly involved in the development of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

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