Changing the face of Mathematics

AMSI’s flagship schools program CHOOSEMATHS aims to turn around public perception of mathematics and will contribute to the health of the mathematics pipeline in Australia from school through university and out to industry and the workplace.

The program works with students, parents and teachers over five years to turn around community attitude to participation in mathematics, especially for girls and young women.

Since 2015 we have been leading the national implementation of key classroom and pipeline strategies to transform Australia’s mathematical capability. With maths essential to a growing number of jobs, it is critical we foster understanding of the value and impact of maths and equip students to embrace these opportunities now and into the future. Working across four key components, the project is addressing pipeline challenges through Schools Outreach, Careers Awareness, CHOOSEMATHS Awards and the Women in Maths Network.

AMSI’s amazing work is showcased in BHP Foundation’s second publication, just released.  It’s amazing to see how much is being achieved by all of the Foundation partners, including AMSI through the CHOOSEMATHS Project. The Australia Country Program section starts on p.38, have a look at all the Foundation’s other wonderful projects with 33 partners in 43 countries around the world.

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Help celebrate achievement, creativity and excellence in schools Highlighting achievement, creativity and collaboration, the student awards challenge teams to make short films exploring themes related to maths in the real‑world.

A chance to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Australia’s most engaging, innovative and inspiring maths educators, the teacher awards recognise the power and impact of creative practice and mentorship.

Attracting over 15,000 participants since launching in 2016, the CHOOSEMATHS Awards have inspired discussion and allowed students to explore real world applications of maths.

Prize money awarded to teachers has allowed them to grow their skills and enthusiasm through professional development and expand their school maths programs to increase engagement.

Our Impact so far


to national, state & regional audiences


to students, teachers & schools across Australia

of students & teachers nationally in the CHOOSEMATHS Awards


Empower teachers to enhance learning for future generations Support Australian teachers by working with AMSI to enhance mathematics knowledge and confidence in the classroom.

Working on-the-ground at over 120 schools across Australia including in regional and remote areas, CHOOSEMATHS has delivered professional development and training support, as well as resources and online tools to transform mathematics learning.

Since launching in 2015, over three thousand teachers have been engaged in the CHOOSEMATHS Outreach program, directly impacting 58,000 students from the most part regional and remote areas.

Our underlying research project indicates that those teachers involved in the outreach program for more than one year have shown a significant growth in teaching confidence.

Our Impact so far


engaged through outreach professional development


benefit from outreach professional development

of students & teachers nationally in the CHOOSEMATHS Awards


Put the spotlight careers in STEM

Maths opens exciting and often unexpected opportunities across nearly every industry sector. AMSI’s annual national careers campaign is changing how Australians talk about maths in the classroom.

From IT, mining, aviation and sport to education and emergency services, our campaign features over 35 real Australians who use maths to make a real difference. The campaign helps students, teachers, parents and the community view maths as a valued skill that leads to big opportunities and rewarding careers.

Since 2017 the careers campaign has reached thousands of students, parents and teachers through the national events program. From Sydney to Alice Springs, Townsville to Perth and everywhere in between, the team have presented to and distributed maths careers information to a growing audience.


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Our Impact so far


engaged through outreach professional development


benefit from outreach professional development

with core audience through the annual careers campaign

Women In Maths Network

Inspire and support a new generation of female STEM students Inspiring and supporting a new generation of girls and women through our powerful network of Australian maths leaders, The mentor program links industry professionals and academics with students to strengthen engagement of girls and women in maths.

Effective in encouraging girls to pursue advanced levels of maths in Years 11 & 12, this initiative is an opportunity to help foster a new generation of academic and industry researchers.

The program has seen increased growth and engagement and has been successful in highlighting the many career opportunities available in maths.


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Our Impact so far


more aware of careers in maths


are considering a higher level of maths in Y11

In the student and Mentor program

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