CHOOSEMATHS Days 2018 – In Brief

 In Publication

Publication Date: November 2018
Author: Dr Julia Collins & Assoc Prof. Inge Koch

Choose Maths Days are events conducted at schools and universities around Australia,
aiming to raise mathematical enjoyment and aspirations of girls in Year 9 and 10. Initial
surveys undertaken at these events provide information about students’ prior engagement
with mathematics, their career ambitions, and their expectations around Year 11/12 subject
selections. Second surveys completed at the end of Choose Maths Days show how the
activities and speakers at these events have changed students’ opinions around these
A total of 942 students attended Choose Maths Days in 2018. Of these, 392 female
students at university Choose Maths events completed the two surveys. This report
describes the analysis of and findings from these data from the university events.


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