• Leanne McMahon
    Leanne McMahon Schools Outreach Officer, Choose Maths

    Leanne started at AMSI in January 2016, as part of the CHOOSEMATHS team and has travelled the country (with an emphasis on the Mackay region in Central Queensland), sharing her love of Mathematics education with teachers and students. As a part of her Master of Education in Evidence-based teaching, she has developed a real passion for the use of data to inform teaching and has developed tools to assist teachers in analysing NAPLAN and PAT-Maths data.

    Over her 25-year teaching career, Leanne worked at Independent, Government and Catholic schools, teaching both primary and secondary Maths, Science and Biology. The last 10 years have seen her working with teachers and educators across Australia to bring these subjects to life from pre-school to adult.

    Leanne is the voice of the MathsTalk Podcast, which was started by the team in 2019. It is the only Australian podcast that is dedicated to Mathematics teaching, and we really want to hear the voice of Australian Mathematics educators. She would LOVE to hear from you about possible topics, guests or any other suggestions to make it bigger and better. Listen to any or all of the episodes on Apple Podcasts or Spotify (or wherever you get your podcasts) and drop her a line.

    E: leanne@amsi.org.au

  • Darla Trejo
    Darla Trejo Administrative and Finance Officer, Choose Maths

    Darla Trejo is the Administrative and Finance Officer for the Choose Maths project.  She provides administrative support, coordinates national events and is responsible for the financial management and reporting of the project.  Prior to her role with AMSI, Darla has worked for the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the Faculty of Science and for University Services during her 12 years at The University of Melbourne.

    E:  darla@amsi.org.au