• Janine Sprakel
    Janine Sprakel Choose Maths Program Director & AMSI Schools Program Manager

    Janine McIntosh manages the AMSI Schools division. Janine leads a professional development and schools visit program for teachers across the country. Through clusters of schools supported by industry and government partners, Janine’s aim is to encourage more Australians to enjoy and study mathematics.
    Janine is one of the authors of ICE-EM Mathematics, and has developed a suite of online and careers materials in her time at AMSI. She was one of the writers for the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics F – 10. An experienced primary teacher, Janine has worked as a lecturer in mathematics education at the University of Melbourne and serves on the Maths Challenge and AMOC Committees of the Australian Mathematics Trust.

    E: janine@amsi.org.au

  • Michael O’Connor
    Michael O’Connor Choose Maths Outreach Manager

    Michael O’Connor is Schools Outreach Manager for the ‘Choose Maths’ project. This role involves the support of teachers in teaching mathematics, the development of mathematics materials for use in schools and the collection and dissemination of information and advice on careers in mathematics and mathematics in careers. Michael has a Masters of Education (Studies) from Monash University. He is an experienced author of mathematics texts, assessment items and dynamic geometry materials.
    Michael was raised on a farm in country New South Wales. He fell in love with the smell of old books at the age of four and with science by the age of seven. As well as 25 years of mathematics teaching Michael has also worked as a station-hand and roustabout, a Sydney taxi driver, a cleaner and a pizza deliveryman. His taxi work serves him well in ferrying his children around to their many appointments and social engagements.

    E: moconnor@amsi.org.au

  • Nadia Abdelal
    Nadia Abdelal Schools Outreach Officer, Choose Maths

    Nadia joined the AMSI team as a Schools Outreach Officer in 2017. She began her career as a Quality Control and Research specialist after completing her Bachelor of Science with a major in Geophysics in 1997. Her passion for education drove her to complete a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, enabling her to work as a teacher of mathematics for 13 years. In this time, Nadia has held the positions of Numeracy Coordinator and Learning Culture leader with a particular focus on PAT-M and NAPLAN statistics. She has also spent time writing for Oxford University Press, developing assessment tasks for their range of mathematics textbooks.

    Nadia’s passion for education has been driven by her own personal “struggle” in Mathematics during her time at school. Overcoming these difficulties and finding a true love for maths, she has made it her mission to assist students in developing effective strategies in order to combat their own challenges and find beauty, appreciation and success in mathematics.

    Nadia has a special interest in antiques and enjoys both painting and restoring furniture in her spare time. As well as this, she loves to keep fit, has three teenage children and admits to being a huge Lord of the Rings and fantasy fiction geek.

    E: nadia.abdelal@amsi.org.au

  • Jacinta Blencowe
    Jacinta Blencowe Schools Outreach Officer, Choose Maths

    “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao-tzu). Jacinta is one of AMSI’s Schools Outreach Officers. Jacinta’s journey started with being ‘good at maths’ at school, then continued with maths being one of her favourite subjects to teach. She enjoys problem solving and puzzles and building and creating. As maths educator she now shares this love of maths and teaching mathematics with others. Jacinta has been a primary school teacher for 20 years, holding various leadership positions including wellbeing, sport and of course mathematics. She holds a Masters in School Leadership (Numeracy) and is working on a Graduate Certificate in Educational Research. Jacinta believes maths should be fun, challenging and promote a sense of achievement. It’s the journey, not the destination that is important!

    E:  jacinta@amsi.org.au

  • Anna Bock

    Anna is excited to have joined the AMSI team as a Schools Outreach Officer. She has worked in education for over 30 years.  In that time Anna has held various roles both in primary schools, as a classroom teacher and mathematics leader, and within Catholic Education Melbourne, as a Mathematics Resource Officer, Teaching and Learning Coach (Numeracy), School Adviser (Mathematics) and Learning Consultant (Mathematics).

    In the past 10 years the focus of Anna’s work has been on school improvement in mathematics learning and teaching within the primary school sector. Anna has completed a Master of Education from Melbourne University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics Leadership from Monash University.

    Anna is a passionate educator who loves the mathematics curriculum and leading change in this area by influencing teacher knowledge and practice in order to improve student learning outcomes. She is enthusiastic about providing access to mathematics learning for all students, with a focus on students being thinkers, challenged and striving to be the best that they can be.

    E: anna.bock@amsi.org.au

  • Helen Booth
    Helen Booth Schools Outreach Officer, Choose Maths

    After 30 + years teaching across all year levels, Helen has joined AMSI as a Schools Outreach Project Officer. While Maths has always been her ‘best subject,’ her passion for mathematics education really began when she had the opportunity to work on the NT Numeracy Project with Diane Siemon from RMIT.  Moving from Darwin to Victoria in 2005, Helen’s interest and knowledge in the teaching of Maths, particularly at primary level, continued to grow, while working as a Teaching and Learning Coach with the Department of Education and Training. She found working with teachers to build their capacity, particularly in the teaching of Maths, to be extremely rewarding. Working as part of the ‘Choose Maths’ project, where improving participation and engagement in Maths, particularly among girls, are key, will enable Helen to continuing working with teachers and students to enhance their enjoyment of Mathematics.

    E: helen@amsi.org.au

  • Vicky Kennard

    Vicky is excited to join the AMSI team as a Schools Outreach Officer, in March 2018. She has worked in education for over 20 years in the UK and Melbourne in a number of different schools, both government and independent. Her experience is mainly in High School and upper Primary as a Mathematics and Science teacher and in the last 5 years as a Curriculum Coordinator. Vicky recently gained her Master of Education from Melbourne University, focussing on curriculum and pedagogy.

    In her previous role she was delivering professional development sessions on a regular basis and really enjoyed working with teachers in the classroom on improving student learning and engagement. Number talks and growth mindset are two areas that she has found of particular interest recently and that she hope to use and research in the future.

    Maths has been Vicky’s passion from a very young age. Her first degree was in Econometrics and Decision Theory and she then went on to work in market research and statistical analysis. She decided to become a teacher after having her family as she wanted to pass on her passion for Maths and to help others to see the creativity and beauty in Maths. Having been the only girl in an advanced Maths class at school, encouraging girls to study and enjoy Maths is particularly important to her.

    E: vicky.kennard@amsi.org.au

  • Marcus Garrett
    Marcus Garrett Schools Outreach Officer, Choose Maths

    Marcus Garrett is one of the Schools Outreach Officers for the Choose Maths project. This role involves working with the Schools Outreach Team in the support of teachers in teaching mathematics, the development of mathematics materials for use in schools and the collection and dissemination of information and advice on careers in mathematics and mathematics in careers. Marcus has a Bachelor of Economics with a Diploma of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Personnel Management. He has about 23 years experience in Education, including both primary and secondary (Economics, Business, Vocational and Financial Studies), curriculum consulting, teacher training and employment, education and training policy roles.   Marcus grew up in Sydney and moved his family to the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW in 2001, where he and his partner raised their three kids. More recently, he and his family moved to Melbourne to take advantage of educational and employment opportunities and to be able to attend live AFL games more frequently than was the case in his home state. Marcus has also dabbled in amateur theatre, likes to read good books and, besides his human family, lives with two small dogs who are unashamedly spoiled rotten.

    E:  marcus@amsi.org.au

  • Cassandra Lowry

    Cassandra joined the AMSI Choose Maths team in July 2017. Her journey to become a mathematics educator began soon after secondary school, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, specialising in statistics. Many years of being told by others that they “hated maths at school” would lead her to complete a teaching degree at the University of Melbourne, in the hope to shift students’ attitudes towards her beloved subject. In 2012, with a renewed focus on leadership, she returned to the University of Melbourne to complete a Master of Education in which she focused on mathematics education.

    Cassandra has worked across the Government and Catholic sectors in various primary schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Her most recent position was as F-3 Mathematics Leader at Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School in Point Cook. This role allowed her to strengthen her links with the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) and eventually led her school to be recognised as a Maths Active School (MAS). This partnership also gave Cassandra the opportunity to present at the MAV Annual Conference and write an article for MAV’s newsletter, Common Denominator.

    Cassandra is a passionate Carlton supporter who can often be found checking out the latest restaurants and bars that Melbourne has to offer. She has one son, currently completing Year 12, who is hoping to study economics at university next year.

    E: cassandra.lowry@amsi.org.au

  • Leanne McMahon
    Leanne McMahon Schools Outreach Officer, Choose Maths

    Leanne has joined the AMSI Choose Maths team after some time with Catholic Education Melbourne as a School Advisor – Mathematics, and is very excited to extend her work with schools around Australia. She has a Bachelor of Science with majors in Biochemistry and Genetics and has developed a real interest in bioinformatics, which combines her love of Mathematics and Biology beautifully.

    Over her 25 year teaching career, Leanne has worked at Independent, Government and Catholic schools, teaching mostly secondary Maths, Science and Biology, but also working with primary teachers to bring these subjects to life in the early years. A real career highlight for Leanne was her time with Museum Victoria doing everything from educational consulting on the Marine Exhibition through presenting Bugs Alive and Dinosaur education programs to running the planetarium and teaching astrophysics.

    Leanne’s passion for girls’ education is embodied in her twin daughters who are both studying mathematics at a tertiary level. She is looking forward to having an Engineer to solve her problems and a Physiotherapist to iron out her knots.

    E: leanne@amsi.org.au

  • Dr Susan James
    Dr Susan James Careers Awareness/Awards Project Officer, Choose Maths

    Susan was born and raised in England. She began her academic career at Cambridge University where she completed a Masters degree in Mathematics. Research then beckoned and, being sponsored by the UK’s largest pharmaceutical company, she obtained a MSc and PhD from Leicester University. Her field of research was Medical Statistics, looking specifically at the analysis of multiple end points in clinical trials. Susan then entered the world of education, hoping to instill some of her passion for the subject into the future generation. She spent 10 years teaching Mathematics in an English boarding school before moving her family to the sunnier Australian climate. For the last 14 years, Susan has continued to teach Mathematics to Years 10 – 12 as well as being the Head of Senior Learning and having overall responsibility for the VCE curriculum in an independent school.

    Susan is thrilled to be part of this exciting project and views it as a perfect amalgamation of all her academic passions. When she’s not working Susan likes reading, spending time with her family and watching episodes of Friends.

    E:  susan@amsi.org.au

  • Dr Julia Collins
    Dr Julia Collins Outreach Officer, Women in Maths Network, Choose Maths

    Julia Collins is an Outreach Officer for the ChooseMaths program, with a particular focus on managing the ‘Women in Mathematics’ initiative. She will be establishing a community of role models and developing events to inspire young female Australians to continue with mathematical studies and careers.

    Julia comes to AMSI from the University of Edinburgh, where for five years she was the Mathematics Engagement Officer, doing a combination of undergraduate lecturing and community outreach. She regularly gives public lectures about her favourite parts of maths and is especially keen to highlight the connections between maths and craft. In 2016 she helped create the world’s first ever Maths Craft Festival, which took place in Auckland and featured eight craft creation stations as well as a series of lectures.

    Graduating with an MMath in 2006 and a PhD in Knot Theory in 2011, Julia is passionate about communicating the beauty and wonder of mathematics. She is often accompanied by her trusty sheep Haggis (on Twitter as @haggismaths), and in her spare time will either be found knitting in a café or hiking in the hills.

    E: julia.collins@amsi.org.au

  • Dr Ning Li
    Dr Ning Li Gender Researcher, Choose Maths

    Dr Ning Li is Gender Researcher for the CHOOSEMATHS project. With an extensive experience in statistical methodology and practice, she has been engaged in high quality research in the areas of Biostatistics, public health, economics, and education. Her research interest has been in the promotion of appropriate use of statistics to help understand real word problems. Her CHOOSEMATHS research “Gender Report: Participation, Performance, and Attitudes towards Mathematics” explores the gender disparities in mathematics education in Australia. Her recent development of a survey instrument that measures motivation behind the various choices in voluntary mathematics enrolments provides a tool for investigating questions such as why students keep or drop mathematics beyond Year 10 and why girls are severely underrepresented in advanced mathematics.

    E: ning.li@amsi.org.au

  • Claire Embregts
    Claire Embregts Executive Assistant, Choose Maths

    Claire is the Choose Maths Executive Assistant and provides support to AMSI Executive Director, Inge Koch and AMSI Schools Manager, Janine McIntosh.

    Prior to her role with AMSI, Claire worked as a Project Administration Officer with the Australian Red Cross, where she supported and collaborated with her team in organising forum style events within the Asylum Seeker sector, as well as supporting roll-out of externally run learning and development training for all states and territories.

    E:  claire@amsi.org.au

  • Darla Trejo
    Darla Trejo Administrative and Finance Officer, Choose Maths

    Darla Trejo is the Administrative and Finance Officer for the Choose Maths project.  She provides administrative support, coordinates national events and is responsible for the financial management and reporting of the project.  Prior to her role with AMSI, Darla has worked for the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the Faculty of Science and for University Services during her 12 years at The University of Melbourne.

    E:  darla@amsi.org.au